Academy Squad Coaching

ACADEMY SQUAD is combination of East Lothian Council’s PAiS (Performance Athletes in School) squad and the Team East Lothian Development Squad (5-6.5hrs p/w). Squad members will attend one or both the PAiS Athletics sessions at Meadowmill (Tuesday and Thursday mornings depending on Academic flexibility) in addition to the Development Squad Event Group sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays. The Academy Squad will be targeted at the top TEL performers competing at a national level, with a strong desire to compete internationally in their event group. Athletes will be selected in line with East Lothian Council’s PAiS selection policy with direction from the TEL coaching team. Athletes will demonstrate real dedication to their training in athletics as well as a strong growth mindset, and be an appropriate age and stage of development (generally at S3 and above or at a high national performance level).

Academy Squad 6.5hrs
Tuesdays  08:00 09:30 PAiS physical literacy 1.5h JB/PAiS
Tuesdays 19:30 21:00 TEL – event group 1.5h TEL-EG
Thursdays 08:00 09:30 PAiS conditioning 1.5h JB/PAiS
Fridays 18:30 20:30 TEL – event group 2h TEL-EG