Potentials Squad Coaching

POTENTIALS SQUAD is aimed at athletes looking to take their club athletics to the next level. Training in the Potentials squad will focus on multi-events development in addition to a strong focus on physical literacy and movement skills (3hrs p/w). There will be specific input from the different event groups (Sprints/Hurdles, Jumps, Endurance and Throws) on Tuesdays, and Potentials Squad athletes will also attend one of the three physical literacy satellite sessions (Mondays or Wednesdays or Thursdays). Athletes should show a strong interest in athletics and a desire to maximise their potential with a growth mindset. Athletes should be competing at a regional level and should be at an appropriate age and stage of development (generally at Under-13 level).

Potentials Squad 3hrs
Tuesdays 18:00 19:30 TEL – event group  Meadowmill 1.5h
plus 1 of the 3 physical literacy sessions…
Mondays 18:30 20:00 physical literacy [HRC cluster] Meadowmill 1.5h
Wednesdays 19:00 20:30 physical literacy [MDAC cluster] Meadowmill 1.5h
Thursdays 18:30 20:00 physical literacy [DRC cluster] Hallhill, Dunbar 1.5h