The Coaching Team

Team East Lothian have a unique group of experienced Event Group Coaches covering the disciplines of Sprinting, Hurdles, Jumps, Throws and Endurance Running.  The Team also includes a number of specialist Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

 Picture1 Jamie Bowie

Trustee responsible for Coaching
Academy Squad Lead Coach


 Picture2 Alister Russell

Lead Endurance Coach

 Picture3 Gary Wilson

Lead Jumps Coach

 Picture4 Fiona Macaulay

Lead Sprints and Hurdles Coach

 Picture5 Jamie Wilson

Lead Throws Coach

 Picture9 Lynda Gilroy

Endurance Coach
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Coaching Coordinator
Run,Jump and Throws Specialist

 Picture8 Stuart Donnelly

Endurance Coach
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Picture7 James Fraser

Assistant Sprints and Hurdles Coach

Picture6 Kerry Morris

Assistant Jumps Coach