Train Like An Athlete


For many mature runners, training usually consists of…. running.  If you want to run well then you do need to run, but there comes a point where running just isn’t enough.  We know from developing junior athletes through to county, national and international levels that becoming an athlete means training like an athlete.

The Team East Lothian “Train Like an Athlete” programme provides 5-week training blocks to allow adults to experience the benefits of training on track and in the gym with
UK Athletics certified coaches who use a wide variety of training drills, exercises and analysis techniques to help you improve how you run, how your body copes with your running and how well you perform in your chosen events.  Whether you’re a runner targeting a specific event, a member of a jogscotland group, or a regular club runner, you can benefit from these sessions.

Each week we provide two specialised sessions, one at the track with our Head Endurance Coach, Alister Russell, and one in the gym with our Physical Literacy, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Iain Noble.  Taken together, the two sessions will give you an insight into a complete training system that you can use to optimise your running performance, but the choice is yours whether you’d like to attend one, other, or both sessions.

At the track session, Alister looks at the mechanics of running, and coaches the group to improve their flexibility, stability and running efficiency.  In a few short weeks you will find that you are running more comfortably, with better posture, with less risk of injury and with the tools you need to improve your performance.

In the gym, Iain looks at physiology and works on developing or restoring your physical literacy through a series of exercises and drills to enhance agility, balance and coordination.  Many will progress to developing strength in the areas key for improved running through loaded movement and Olympic lifting techniques.

Quotes from previous attendees:

“I’ve never enjoyed and learned so much from a session.”,

“I just feel so much more flexible, my hips alone feel 10 years younger”,

“Everything just feels right when I’m running, I’m seeing more, I’m enjoying it more”,

“Why have I not done all this stuff before?  What a difference it’s making”.

Sessions take place on Monday evening 7:30pm – 9pm at East Lothian Athletics Arena, Meadowmill.  And Thursday evening 7:30pm – 9pm at the small gym at Knox Academy in Haddington.