jogscotland Meadowmill to Join Up with Team East Lothian Athletic Club

The Meadowmill jogscotland group has decided to join forces with Team East Lothian Athletic Club (TEL). The Meadowmill group has been going since 2006 and is East Lothian’s longest established jogscotland group, helping hundreds of local people to start jogging for the first time as well as helping people return to jogging after a break from the sport.

jogscotland Leader, Audrey Ferguson, explained the reasons behind the decision to link up with TEL: “By joining forces with TEL we will have access to greater resources to help us expand the size of our jogscotland group and to establish new groups helping more local people to enjoy the benefits of running. TEL also gives us access to specialist coaching expertise to improve the range of activities which we can offer our members.”

TEL Chairman, Graham McPheat is keen to point out that the objectives of the two groups are very similar. “TEL is a registered charity and, in addition to supporting talented young athletes, we have charitable aims focussed on increasing participation in running and athletics.  Our link up with jogscotland will mean that TEL can reach a much wider range of local people.”

The jogscotland group meets at Meadowmill Sports Centre on Thursdays at 6.45pm.  All abilities of runners are welcome to join. There is support available for complete beginners and for people with previous running experience.

For further information contact Jog Leader, Audrey Ferguson, email: