Adults grasp opportunity to “Train like an Athlete”

The first 5 week block of our Endurance Running Programme for Adults, or “Train like an Athlete” as it has now been called, has just completed.  Feedback from the participants has been fantastic with everyone involved really inspired by both the track sessions and the gym based Strength and Conditioning sessions.

On track, the advice and guidance from Team East Lothian Head Endurance Coach, Alister Russell, has really opened everyone’s eyes as to how work on stability, coordination and simple, but fundamental, changes to running technique can improve performance and enjoyment of running.

In the gym, Team East Lothian Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Iain Noble, has screened everyone for agility, balance and coordination and has followed through on tailored workouts to target opportunities for improvement with a combination of floor based exercises and training toward olympic weightlifting technique.

With the next 5 week training block to start week commencing 27th April, there are still a limited number of spaces available for anyone wishing to join the programme.  Registration details can be found here.